!WOW! Powder a little goes a long way!


A great combo of gut helping and energy boosting herbs and minerals!

I called it WoW..because that is what everyone says when I tell them whats in it!

All ANTI inflammatory, anti fungal..anti parasite ..

Ing-beetroot powder,herbs, slippery elm, msm,mag Chloride,Spirulina, Ashwaganda,True Cinnamon, and great minerals...and spices..NO LEGUMES,PEA, NUTS or SEEDS!

Sourced from, Australia, India,Poland,

One teaspoon per glass of fluids..I wouldnt have more than that, as its a waste.

AT A GREAT PRICE all organic!

Have been making these for over 5 years.

thanks for looking or buying..

goes well with the BONE BROTH CHALLENGE!