This is non GMO, pharmaceutical grade taste great not to bitter..

I mix with water or juice and I have 3 tbls a day!

I would half that for kids..

This has a 3 year shelf life (ex 10/23) and keeps best in light proof containers..out of direct light and not exposed to heat.

Vitamin C is essential for the immune system, it is used in the production of Collagen, very high antioxidant..used in Shanghai Hospital for viruses and colds..recently for corona.

Used in the treatment of Sepsis,blood poisoning with great success by Dr Paul Marik chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Professor of Medicine.

Cured 150 patients with Vit C And two other drugs..all natural ..

"this is a very simple intervention, commonly used,freely,readily accessible and they act together to change the natural history of sepsis, its quite remarkable"

"We use this method on all our patients with exactly the same results"

''1000 people die in this country every day, from Sepsis, that the equivalent of 3 jumbo jets crashing everyday''

''Sepsis is your bodies response to massive bacterial infection''

''it kills more people than Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and AIDS combined''

''say like pneumonia, the body system becomes disregulated out of control, and becomes Septic'' full of viruses'', bacteria

All patients suffering from Corona that die suffer from Viral Pneumonia, they are Septic.

Sepsis is primarily caused in hospitals, all patients have Vit C deficiency, Intravenous is needed because their levels are so low. please watch this.!

Sepsis is vit C deficiency, Scurvy was found in all his patients,Vit C deficiency..

Vit C is not held in the with Magnesium Chloride.

They work together..and combine with collagen..and minerals and create Bone strength skin, hair nails etc..

Vitamin C as with all vitamins and minerals is vital for our health.

combine with my Bone Broth Challenge to kick start your new you!, great testimonials!

Great things happen when Health is our priority!