Pete's Organic Box Awesome feedback on these! WE ARE A SAME DAY SERVICE! order before 6 for same day!


 PETE’S ORGANIC BOX Delivered to your home, or as a gift! VALUE $58 (Free delivery).

$58 sorry alot of people say its to cheap! and its fairly big sorry! and its delivered!

Pete’s Organic Market supplies seasonal fruit and vegetables fresh from the farmers market to the greater Sydney area.
Step 1: Select your box, chose the type and size of season box that suits.
Step 2: Perfect the contents – tell us what you don’t like, IE THE ABOVE GROUND VEGES FOR THE BBC,or ANY veges you dont like and we’ll swap it for something you love (contact us through COMMENTS SECTION at the END OF THE ORDER and we will get back to you)
Step 3: We’ll deliver it free of charge to your home  Boxes come in small  Regular or Large:

Only Available in Sydney Metro Area  from Heathcote to Avalon to Hinchinbrook


Thanks Pete: My 1st box 2 weeks ago was great, thank you!! I forgot to mention I was doing a green juice a day (day 21 today) so was pleased with all the celery spinach lemon tumeric ginger. Not too keen on potatoes thanks and cannot get myself to like any kind of melon (rock melon etc); would love coriander/parsley instead. Many thanks! PS box was delivered upstairs to 7, I am unit 2 on entry level. Unit 1 is typically home just for building entry, as I work until 730ish. Mel
Thanks so much Pete - love my 2nd fruit veg box - will get some of my maroubra crew onto it soon too! Mel Mere ..Maroubra Rd


Thanks in advance Pete, loving your foods. Also I still owe you for the eggs and nutritional yeast from my last order. See you soon.


NO CELERY, PUMPKIN, BEETROOT please. Would prefer ripe Bananas. The boxes are great. The Sapote in our last box was delicious! Thanks

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