Fossil Shell Flour


…or as we like to call it, Fossil Power, as it helps speed up your metabolism! Your gut wall houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system, so it makes sense to look after it, even though we can’t see what’s going on in there. The status of your gut health will show by ease of digestion, energy levels and clarity of the skin. At POM, it is used in several of our products including the famous Bone Broth.

Under a microscope FSF (technical term: Diatomaceous Earth – a naturally occurring sand extracted from the earth), has sharp edges, looks like honeycomb and moves through the stomach and digestive system to scrape, absorb and attract toxins the body naturally produces including impurities, bacteria and heavy metals we inhale from the environment.

Accumulation of these toxins in the body tends to slow down digestion and promote the production of cholesterol. The toxins are stored in our fat cells and make it very difficult for us to lose weight. Weight loss using Fossil Shell Flour is possible thanks to its detoxifying effects.

LDL fats and sticky vegetable matter clinging to the walls of your small intestine interfere with nutrient absorption. In the process, FSF gently massages the intestines and remove residuals of heavy metals as well as other debris. The walls are left pink and clean. The massage helps to stimulate the flow of blood which makes the small intestines work more efficiently.

FSF has also been known to stimulate metabolism. A slow metabolism leads to high cholesterol build up in the blood. Poor digestion also leads to a rise in blood sugar levels and an increase in fat.

Of course, a healthy diet connected with proper exercise will improve your overall well-being.

Top 8 Benefits of using Fossil Shell Flour:

1) It gently cleanses your digestive system
2) It increases nutrient absorption
3) It increases your hydration levels
4) It helps with weight management
5) It reduces bloating, wind and gas
6) It helps maintain healthy energy levels
7) It contains 15 valuable minerals
8) Improves hair, nails, skin and cartilages

How to take FSF?

To experience all of these amazing benefits, simply add a teaspoon to your water, smoothie or juice once a day, preferably on an empty stomach. You can even mix it in with your cooking.