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I find Dragons Blood to help with alot of Health issues..

From Pimples, rashes, fungal, parasites, burns etc..

it is from a tree in Brazil that grows without any mold, in rainforests.

When numerous studies found the high amounts of anti inflammatory compounds in Dragons Blood [sap from the tree, not from Dragons..]

they conducted even more studies, and found amazing Wellness benefits for cuts, Ulcers inflammatory conditions, micro organisms ,and fungus.

it has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese medicine..

I take 30-40 mls a day diluted in water..a glass or less i spread it out..and have felt enormous benefits from taking it

The main one being large reduction in bloating, and hunger..[inflammation].

I have used it on stichable cuts, with green clay,[these 2 combined healed my wounds extremely quickly, and I no longer needed ..stiches., the cuts were to the bone on both toes and done with a broken tile]

. and not needed stiches [please do this under supervsion]..see photos before and after Dragon Clay[ as I have called it] application..

Peer reviewed studies have shown dramatic healing when applied to any wound, just pat on the area, and leave, be careful as its used as a dye in alot of countries, that is why it is so successful as an immune booster, like Turmeric which we also sell [5% curcumin]

 I Personally experienced and I thoroughly recommend Dragons Blood for any of my cuts, INJURIES OR ANY SKIN OR INTERNAL PROBLEM..

I always start off slow with any new thing.

its easy to apply on the skin, any problem skin wise..fixes dramatically, and dozens of my customers have experienced the same thing. and when combined with clay is in my view, astonishing..what i called..Dragons Clay.

Mine is 100% Dragons Blood..straight from Rainforest trees.

this 200 mls bottle is designed to do a cleansing program.or family use. I take 25-40 mls a day in water..

In my view it is an essential just like having Iodine in the house, two very potent immune  boosters, and preventatives.

Dragon’s blood is a substance that is often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The main chemical components of dragon’s blood are flavonoids, phenols, steroides and terpenoids. According to the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China, commercially available dragon’s blood contains resin from four different species of trees and has been used in China to treat chronic colitis and to boost blood circulation for the improvement of blood stagnation, serious injuries and pain. (4)