CO TASSIE BULL KELP nutrient powerhouse! $38.00 kl


Bull Kelp (giant Kelp) grows up to 100 metres..and anchors to the ocean floor..

It lives for for up to 7 years..and is so nutrient dense..

Look up cows eating Seaweed in Tasmania..Cows disappeared fron a farm every morning..and the farmer found them on the beach eating the Bull Kelp..

Not the grass!

The cows preferred the Bull Kelp..over .the grass!

It is a supplement for ALL animal feeds including race horses!

I take about a teaspoon a day..look up health benefits of this remarkable food..has 7 times more nutrient density than any land vegetable..!

Makes food thicker..and takes on the flavour you cook with..amazing! 

Fills you up, with not alot food!

Less food more nutrition!