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Thanks for taking the next step to a healthier you! 

What is the Bone Broth Challenge?

Bone Broth Challenge



THE BONE BROTH CHALLENGE by Pete Melov (otherwise known as BBC)

Thanks for taking the next step to a healthier you!

What is the Bone Broth Challenge?

The Bone Broth Challenge (BBC) is a week of eating only below…ground veges, basically an anti for just one WEEK!


 You can do it, hundreds of others have!

With amazing results!

Check the incredible testimonials!

All you need is a bit of discipline, and you may find incredible benefits, like others have!

Ingredients specified in Petes bone broth include:


  • Non-GMO
  • organic
  • Choose from Australian grown chicken, lamb or beef o and game meat in season (all grass fed, free range, free from chemicals and hormones), fish is also available
  • Made with above ground vegetables (below ground contain carbohydrates and starches]
  • Herbs from farmers in India such as rosemary (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory)
  • Black pepper (helps improve stomachs ability to digest)
  • Slippery elm (helps sooth inflammation in the digestive tract)
  • Tasmanian Bull Kelp – which is deemed a nutrient powerhouse also aiding digestion and boosting the immune system

What isn’t in Petes bone broth:

  • No added salt
  • Chemicals
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Soy
  • Tap water
  • Nuts
  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine
  • Grain
  • Wheat
  • Yeast

Nutritional Information: for Petes Bone Broth



Avg qty per 100g

Avg qty per 10g




Protein -Total



 - Arginine



- Glycine.



- Hydroxyproline



- Proline,

Hyaluronic Acid





- Saturated






- Sugar






Sodium [not added]

- 0


Note: By comparison, some commercial broths have up to 466mgs of sodium per serving, and at these levels it may affect your health.

Petes video and written testimonials speak for themselves. Please take the time to watch, as they are very informative and cover numerous positive outcomes below:

  • Inflammation (hyperlink to testimonials for inflammation category)
  • Type 1and Type 2 Diabetes (hyperlink to testimonials in Diabetes category)
  • Endometriosis (hyperlink to testimonials in Endometriosis category)
  • Crohns Disease (hyperlink to testimonials for Crohns disease category)
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome (hyperlink to testimonials for leaky gut category)
  • Eczema (dry, flaky skin) (hyperlink to testimonials for skin conditions category)
  • Asthma (hyperlink to testimonials for Asthma category))
  • Iron Malabsorption (hyperlink to testimonials for malnutrition category)
  • Fungal Issues (hyperlink to testimonials for fungal issues category)
  • IBS / Bloating (hyperlink to testimonials for IBS category)
  • Energy Issues (hyperlink to testimonials for energy issues category)
  • Severe Muscle Pain (hyperlink to testimonials for muscle pain category)
  • Immune system

       .     Back Pain

What’s included in Pete Melovs BBC for one week @ $185

  • 10 x Bone Broths including your choice of Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Fish
  • 1 x Pkt of MSM – take 1x TSP twice daily preferably in the morning and at midday with the Mighty Minerals in water or juice.
  • 1 x Bottle of Mighty Minerals – using a full dropper, add 3 x times per day in drinking water or juice, or tea, when cool.
  • 1 x Bottle of Super Tonic – 30mls required 3 x times per day with juice or water
  • 1 x Pkt of Fossil Shell Flour – 3 x TSP required 3 x times per day in water or food and/or combined with the MSM and Mighty Minerals, antinflammatory, immune boosting..
  • 1 x Pkt of organic clay – 1 x tsp in a glass of water first and last thing.. (to be taken either the first thing in the morning or last at night – don’t mix Clay with anything else, it works far better alone..).
  • 1 x Bottle of Frankincense - to be used in the first or second week depending on requirements (google health benefits..) take 2 x drops twice per day in water or directly on the tongue
  • 1 x Pkt of tea – Liver Lover,  later..Kidney Kind or Immune Booster to choose from – up to 3-5 cups per day to suit ..this takes away hunger..also helps digestion.

How to cook your Petes Bone Broth:

Petes bone broth comes frozen, so defrost overnight, and then place in a small pot, put in half a glass of water…filtered..add only above ground vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, kale, pumpkin, zucchini, Leeks, Asian Greens, spring onions and herbs finely cut. NO  below ground vegetables such as sweet potato and potatoes – they contain to much starch and carbohydrates.

Petes suggestions..

  • 1 tsp of Fossil Shell Flower
  • 1 x organic egg (optional – just before serving, it will just cook as normal in the mix)
  • Organic spices (hot spice is preferable)
  • Organic turmeric and ginger (optional)
  • Organic slippery elm (optional)
  • Onions Garlic Turmeric,Ginger are all allowed on the BBC, as these are anti-inflammatory, anti fungal,etc…
  • Juices with above ground veges only, you can mix in minerals, msm and FSF..! TO TASTE!

Stir in all the ingredients, bring to the boil and then simmer – this should take about 5-10 minutes depending on whether you have an electric or gas cooktop, so this nutrient dense meal is also very time-saving for those with busy schedules.


Side notes:

  • Chewing your food as much as possible will activate the enzymes in your stomach and mouth to help digest food.
  • Eat only when you’re hungry, which means a rumbling stomach 
  • Snacking  between meals  will remove alot of the positive outcomes that others have experienced.–
  • no coffee, alcohol, nuts, seeds, fruits or anything sweet – simply drink Petes herbal teas, tonics, minerals and spices!
  • Raw coconut oil (added cost to BBC only $9) is easily digested and absorbed directly into the blood stream as energy and does not raise cholesterol. Pete recommends taking 1 x tsp twice per day.


Overseas INTERSTATE Customers: we export Petes Bone Broth as a concentrate, so the only step you need to do differently to the above is add 1 LARGE TBL spoon of broth into a small pot and add a large cup of water (not tap water). ADD VEGES AS ABOVE!



Note: Petes products are Packaged in NON-plastic containers and packaging which is compostable. We do not use PLASTIC in any of our packaging to help sustain the environment. Thanks for your interest..and Wellness is only a week..away!


Check the inspiring testimonials!


DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to treat or cure any disease, please see your Health Advisor for more information. The testimonial page is a good reference for more information. Thankyou.

appreciated! Pete!