Whats More valuable Gold, Diamonds or Turmeric? by Pete Melov.

Native Animals, Herbs and Spices.. and how to get a new economy going!.
And the genius of India.!
For the first time in 50 years..the awesome Little Quolls are back on the mainland of OZ, everyone should be commended..for this amazing result
..clearing of feral animals..foxes and wild cats...and the reintroduction of this amazing little predator..
we have to concentrate mainly on the constant wiping out of Native animals first, before we talk about domestic animal cruelty..
Native animals hold the balance, and control our heritage and ties to the land..
Cruelty to domestic animals is terrible, but they are not going extinct, and have been bred to create, hybrid animals of weak genetics..
These Native animals keep us in an awareness of true species, untouched, by science, and keep us understanding that Nature in its natural state is paramount to our Health.
Save native Species, save all species!
If we save Native species, we save ALL species..
Native animals represent, us, in our true form, wild, strong, independant, robust, healthy...and no disease.
If we want to truly develop a culture in Oz, besides mining sports and alcohol...its time to appreciate the incredible culture that lives here..
I would suggest traditional foods at all eateries...at least one first nation food on the menu..and the reintroduction of traditional foods into our lifestyle, like in the 1800s to 50 s..when kangaroo and other game meat were eaten .
This alone would create enormous interest, in our country, start an incredible export business [everyone has lamb, chicken,pork and beef, just boring and causes trade debt, damages the land, and doesnt evolve new unique trading], the difference would be our unique herbs, meats, spices etc
It would create a huge money spinner, for industry, save thousands of species, and protect the environment..
and as i mentioned, a huge export market.
For us worldwide to sell the same foods is frankly, moronic, it is self defeating, and creates appalling food standards, because of same, same , lame lame..competition..
The Myth of Same.
The perpetual selling of the same food production worldwide creates sub standards, mistreatment of animals, and land degradation..simply because we have to create cheaper animals and plants, to compete,with the same commercial foods, worldwide.
the current ''food production system'' is outdated, non evolutionary..[foods should be getting more nutrition based, more healthier, and our Health should be improving, not getting worse..],
And because the foods are so produced it also creates the same illnesses, in every country due to overproduction, to compete with other countries resulting in mineral loss in the soil, and over use.
Reinventing the broken.
This means that an outdated, old fashioned food ''system'' tries to reinvent itself continually, like say things are bad, for us,then telling us its alright in small doses, backwards and forwards to make it look like we have new foods, when in fact, its the same low grade commercial ''food'' that has just been remarked as a ''new food'...
when in fact it isnt...just more processed.
It really high time to stop spending so much time protected a food system, that is completely broken.
Enter,The New Native Food System, based on Nutrition.
We need to look at Native Foods in each country, look at their enormous Health benefits, and start following countries like India, etc, who valued their Native foods, above the existing hybrid global poor nutrition product, not food..
India is staring us in the face, as an example of huge export of tradtional cultures foods.
Just Turmeric alone from the incredible India, is in the Billions 179 BILLION.....ONE SPICE! ..I will just repeat that..
India produced their Native herb,and in 2016 Turmeric, one spice, generated ...
179 BILLION IN SALES...ONE SPICE...! in ONE YEAR!...everyone is eating it because of the incredible ...pride India has in its Native foods...
Turmeric from India, because of its....tadaaa..HEALTH BENEFITS!
And no one is eating Diamonds, projected sales in two years time...just 24 billion, almost 9 times less than...Turmeric.
I have been saying this for 20 years, Australia needs to commercialise our Native foods, and export them on the scale to raise our Culture here, and make us aware of how valuable Native foods are, and greatly reduce and cease our dependancy, on foriegn, introduced crops and animals..
They simply dont work..
Protecting the unhealthy.
We treat these animals Plants with huge amounts of drugs, fertilisers feed massive introduced crops, and modify the land in a vain attempt, to create an animal India also DOES NOT import foriegn cows, they have their own indigenous cows
We import foriegn cows, sheep, Pigs, Chickens etc  when we have FAR better more nutrient dense animals here to eat, as proved by our traditional cultures, which proved ,again having no disease including no tooth decay, the HEALTH BENEFITS of our traditional Native foods..
Remember, India fro m ONE SPICE generates 180 BILLION a year from traditional spice..Turmeric, one year, think about that!
every 5 years, India is generating almost ONE TRILLION IN SALES from just ONE spice, TURMERIC..and RISING!
Why hasnt anyone brought this up, on the ENORMOUS profits of Spices...and herbs...its simply ENORMOUS..
I am the only one in the world to report this, no one is comparing Diamonds, Coal, Oil etc to the worldwide market of Herbs and Spices.! NO ONE!
its time the economists of the world stopped commenting on the slow, sales of IT, minerals and manufacturing products and started talking about the HUGE ELEPHANT in the room...
Below is the world  market for herbs from 204, 14 years ago, growing at 15% a year, incredible growth and profits..
and here is the incredible growth listed from Africa, how Africans are making blends of Spices, and becoming multi Millionaires..within 3 years..
Why Spice?
Spices and Herbs have been valued above money for thousands of years..
Spices and Herbs, were the primary